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Inaugural Africa Airforce Forum highlights the role of Air Force in bridging regional stability

  • Day one prioritizes partnerships to build transnational capabilities and address security challenges in the region, particularly low intensity conflict areas
  • Panelists address top 5 priorities for fleet modernization and capability building
  • Focus placed on better human resource management for the African air forces

Airforce industry leaders from across Africa and global defence experts gathered today to address security challenges and the necessity for regional Air Forces to enhance air operations to counter asymmetrical threats across Africa and highlight aviation in Low intensity conflicts at the Inaugural African Airforce Forum at the King Fahd Palace Dakar in Senegal.

Hosted by the Senegal Air Force, the two-day forum hopes to effectively empower the aerospace community to cooperatively advance tactics, training and MRO supply-chain management and improve response to regional conflicts.

Chief of Air Force Staff, Brigadier General Papa Souleymane SARR welcomed the global aerospace community and renowned solution providers and leading discussions about the evolving role air operations for counterinsurgency efforts and enhancing the security landscape for Africa’s defense and security aviation sector.

The opening panel highlight leadership and cooperation in action by leveraging allies and partners to sustain foundational readiness followed by a presentation on the growing presence of international air force in Africa and having a role beyond counterterrorism and counterinsurgency.

The first day also saw attendees, the region’s Airforce leaders and global solution providers discussing solutions to combat regional security challenges. Discussions also addressed emerging threats and challenges posed by UAVs and drones for the military forces and looking at opportunities like reduced costs, more safety and building better reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition capabilities.

Attendees also received industry insights on the importance of an efficient air defence chain to defeat air threats and the latest technologies in air force security. Panelists discussed how to counter growing threats and meet expanding requirements through robust and flexible global integrated intelligence and surveillance capabilities.

The final panel discussion on day 1 highlighted the use of game changing technologies giving an edge over adversaries and actively seeking out, developing, and mastering them whenever they emerge.

Throughout the day, the exhibition at the event showcased the latest materials, equipment and most advanced systems and technologies in the domain of Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

With over 300 regional and international attendees from Air Forces, the Africa Airforce Forum is an ideal networking and knowledge sharing platform for the aerospace industry in the region.

Dignitaries attending included General James B. Hecker, Commander – U.S. Air Forces Africa, General Mohamed Hajjem, Chief of the Air Force Staff – Tunisia, General De Corps Aerien Frédéric Parisot, Vice-Chief of Staff of the Air and Space Force – France, Air Corps General Wiseman S Mbambo, Chief of Staff of the Air Force – South Africa, Lieutenant General Colin Barry, Commander of the Air Force – Zambia, Air Corps General Altaher Mohamed Alawad, Chief of Staff of the Air Force – Sudan, Lieutenant General Jose Luis Pardo, Chief of Logistics Support Command Air & Space Force Spain, Air Marshal Oladayo Isiaka Amao, Chief of the Air Staff – Nigeria,  Air Vice Marshal Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Abdel Abouelazm, Vice Chief of Staff -Air Force – Egypt, Air Marshal Elson Moyo, Commander Air Force – Zimbabwe, Major General Hendric Thuthu Rakgantswana, Commander of the Air Force – Botswana, Major General John Omenda, Commander of the Air Force – Kenya, Air Division General Mamadou Faman Toure, Air Base Commander – Ivory Coast, Major General Charles Okidi, Deputy Commander Air Force – Uganda, Brigadier General Idriss Amine Ahmed, Chief of Air Staff – Chad, Brigadier Major Vincent Dang, Special Military Advisor – Ministry of Defense – Brazil, Brigadier General Jean-Calvin Momha, Chief of Air Staff – Cameroon, Brigadier General Hamady Mohamed Ely Maouloud, Chief of Air Force Staff – Mauritania, Brigadier General Alou Boï Diarra, Chief of Air Staff – Mali, Air Brigade General William Daniel Mwakalonge, represents Chief of the Air Force Staff – Tanzania, Air Commodore Joshua Lartei Mensah-Larkai, Air Force Base Commander – Ghana, Colonel Moctar Diallo Ibrahim, represents the Chief of Staff of the Air Force – Niger, Colonel Hermann William Avocanh, Commander of the Air Force – Benin, Colonel Godfrey Gasana, Deputy Air Force Chief of Staff – Rwanda, Colonel Tassounti Djato, Chief of Staff of the Air Force – Togo, Representative of the China Air Force, Chief of Staff and the Representative of the Chief of Air Staff of the UAE.



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