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Medad Technology showcases pioneering ultrasound technology as a safer alternative to vaping at World Vape Show 2022

UAE-based Medad Technology is demonstrating its “misting” technology and game-changing ultrasound nicotine delivery device, NEB Mist, at the 2nd annual World Vape Show, which will run until June 18th at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Under the theme ‘Ultrasound is the Future of Nicotine Delivery’, Chief Technology Officer of Medad Technology, Prof. Imad Lahoud, will showcase NEB Mist – an ultrasound-based alternative to tobacco and e-cigarettes which produces no detectable carcinogenic agents known to cause smoking-related diseases.

The EU’s Tobacco Products Directive and the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have extensively tested and analyzed NEB Mist emissions and confirmed the absence of carbonyls in the mist it produces. The device has been licensed by both organizations which is also registered locally with Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

Part of a panel discussion on Vaping Research and Public Health on June 16, Prof. Imad will highlight the benefits of replacing heat with ultrasound for nicotine delivery, and the opportunity this presents to reduce harm and save lives.

Medad Technology has invested US$50 million over the past four years to develop, manufacture, and test its ultrasound technology, and secure regulatory approval in the UAE and international markets. The company plans to invest a further US$100 million over the next three years in clinical trials, smoking cessation research and product development across its other sectors.

Mohammed Alshaiba Almazrouei, Chief Executive Officer of Medad Technology, said: “At Medad Technology, we are committed to developing and investing in technologies that improve public health and quality of life. Through our patented ultrasound technology, we aim to not only reduce harm caused by tobacco smoking and e-cigarettes, but also encourage people to stop smoking completely. At the World Vape Show, we look forward to showcasing the world’s first ultrasound nicotine delivery system (UNDS) with zero carbonyls.”

Standard electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), and other reduced-risk alternatives to tobacco smoking, rely on electronic heating elements such as heated coils to create a vapor which releases chemicals known to cause smoking related diseases. In contrast, NEB Mist uses ultrasound to aerosolize a liquid containing pharmaceutical-grade nicotine into a mist. By using vibrations instead of heat, the harmful carcinogenic agents commonly found in cigarettes and e-cigarettes are undetectable.

Additionally, NEB Mist ensures the safest experience possible by capping each inhalation to a maximum of five seconds, ensuring no heat is generated from excessive vibrations and preventing harmful chemicals from being produced. Its smart technology detects overheating at any point and blocks the device, sending the user a push notification advising them to take a break.

As a smart device, NEB Mist features a one-time programmable (OTP) chip. This not only prevents the use of counterfeit liquids with potentially dangerous ingredients but also enables authentication and device activation to prevent underage usage. NEB Mist has a dedicated mobile app which is the first-of-its-kind to be approved on the Appstore globally. It connects to the device and provides usage data, allowing the user to monitor their habit and potentially reduce their nicotine intake. 



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