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Innovation: a key enabler of safe traffic management

Speaker: Mohammad Al Abbadi- Executive Manager- Alliance Traffic System

Technology has revolutionised the way we live our lives. Over the last decade, technology has played a major role in many fields, including mobility and transportation. While driverless vehicles and flying taxis have received massive media coverage and breakneck traction from pros and novices alike, one of the areas where road transportation innovation has had the most impact is road safety.

Innovation with the aid of new technology is one of the most significant components for improving operations and safety in the road transport business. Technology is disrupting industries across the globe, bringing solutions to reduce the fatal accident rates on the roads to zero and to make operations more time and cost effective, and solving problems in new and innovative ways.

Better and safer lifestyle for drivers

In addition to improving automobiles, technology is also being utilised to improve driver lifestyle and efficiency. Alliance Traffic Systems, a total solutions provider of cutting-edge intelligent transportation systems, traffic management, and Artificial Intelligence Enforcement solutions, is investing massively to enhance drivers’ lifestyle through many innovative ways.

To boost skill development, Alliance invests in the most up-to-date roads security and safety tools, with the objective of making road commute safer.

The prospect of automation

It’s hard to overlook the opportunities brought about by automation when it comes to road safety innovation. We are already seeing elements of the automation puzzle fall into place as the reality of driverless automobiles approaches. However, one of the most difficult challenges is gaining the trust, support, and understanding of other road users and the public. Along with legislative and infrastructure changes, public education campaigns will be required for the deployment of self-driving vehicles. But more important, to enhance the safety of current roads in order to reach the level of having solid foundations for new technologies implementation.

Additionally, new AI Radars technology, which is fast changing every facet of life, provides a safer, smarter, and enhanced lifestyle at a reasonable cost that exceeds industry standards in ease and security, from safe and smart cities to connected living. Smart Radars integration is enabling a more powerful, efficient, and secure future for safety, automotive, transportation, security, and other industries.

Cooperation is the way to a thriving industry

In the short term, embracing technological innovation will help modernise the sector and make it safer. As demand for driverless vehicles and radars grows, road safety must evolve, with developing technologies like platooning systems playing a cardinal role in the long run.

Every stakeholder in the sector must work together to harness the opportunities offered by innovation, but this will take time and buy-in from everyone, including governments and regulators, who must ensure the industry has the necessary legislative and regulatory environment to make the desired impact. Technology and innovation are proven to bring extensive benefits to road safety, but these benefits will only be realised if all actors in the industry have access to these opportunities.



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