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Zak Zorro releases ‘Mere Siva Kaun Bey’

The new song is Zak Zorro’s 7th Music video shot in Dubai and featuring Dubai talents

Dubai, UAE: Zakeer Hussain, popularly known as ‘Zak Zorro’ released his latest music video ‘Mere Siva Kaun Bey’ this week. The Song has been produced by Icon Art Production, a Dubai based production company and has been filmed over 3 days at 5 different locations. The Featured cast in the video includes local talents Waleed Khan and Sherif Thomas.

“Al Jiyad Stables” located at Al Qudra and “Paintball Dubai” at Jebel Ali Shooting Club, Margham Desert Buggy Activities, Studio and Public Streets of Dubai, Icon Studio, and various Dubai Roads. This is Zak Zorro  7th Music video shot in Dubai, featuring Dubai talents over 40 Models, 30 Professional Dancers, creative talents, choreographers, and technical crew.     

Explaining his inspiration behind the music video, Zak said “My creative inspiration for the music video comes from my own life experiences and all the self-doubts and failures I overcame, but I never gave up on my vision and dream. I learned to always appreciate what I have and embraced everything God has blessed me with and worked hard to improve myself in every aspect of my journey. The song is a celebration of accomplishments and celebrating life. This is dedicated to everyone because everyone is unique and special. So “believe in yourself and live your dreams”

Speaking on the release, Zak continues to bring new style of Music and creative approach in the Music video and finding ways to inspire the audience with a thought of believe in yourself and accept and embrace whatever life has blessed you with.  

Zak sees himself as a global artist not bound by any single genre or style, he has always been influenced by world music and his vision is to record in as many different styles as possible. However, as a music purist he makes sure to follow important elements and protocols of each different genre in their pure form. Mere Siva Kaun Bey is a creative attempt of ethnic and modern hip hop with a touch of Bhangra.

‘Mere Siva Kaun Bey” released on 15th December ‘2022 on all the digital stores Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Saavan & YouTube on the Zak Zorro channel worldwide.

About the singer

  • As a singer and music producer & Director, Zak has recorded over 70 singles in the last 4 years. 
  • A Versatile artist who has sung in various genres of music Pop, Rock, HipHop, Rap, Rock Ballad, Afrobeat’s, Reggaeton, Sufi, Qawwali, Dance Hall, EDM, Punjabi Bhangra.  
  • Released 7 music videos which have crossed over 15 Million+ audience worldwide. 

The listeners can also enjoy over 68 Songs in different genres, The Previous 18 Singles and Music Albums named “SOUL”, “Eternal Love”, “Afrolina”, and latest “Baby Dil Dena

Music lovers can enjoy Zak Zorro Music and Music videos on: 

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/c/ZakZorro

Spotify     :  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7pibiAY1iDUqdWd8GPK61D

Mere Siva:

Connect to Zak Zorro on:

Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/zakzorro5/

Facebook :       https://www.facebook.com/zakzorro5



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