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Papaya Global joins UAE-IL Tech Zone’s unicorns and growth startups tour

Papaya Global helps companies rise above geopolitical challenges and thrive using its global hiring expertise and payroll technology

Papaya Global, the powerhouse enabling people, payroll, and payment management for organizations in over 160 countries joins the UAE-IL tech zone’s unicorns and growth startups tour in UAE to discuss development goals in the region and how it can help support multinational companies with employees spread across multiple geographies.

Papaya Global’s innovative technology can help companies rise above geopolitical challenges and help growing companies thrive by creating better employee experiences for workers regardless of where they live. It enables this growth through its global hiring expertise and payroll technology.

Papaya’s co-founder and CEO, Eynat Guez said, “We are delighted to be part of the unicorns and growth startups tour in UAE as our workforce solutions help global companies with payrolls across borders while staying compliant with national and international standards relating to contracts, local benefits, immigration, and administration red tape. Our goal is to have a system in place that allows companies to be more agile while still be able to manage and pay the best talent.”

Amit Yampolsky, Director of Enterprise Workforce Solutions, will focus on how companies can rise above geopolitical challenges to support dispersed employees and manage from a global talent pool during the tour. He adds, “Regulations relating to workforce is always changing and getting stricter. Our HRIS solutions and payroll automations helps both employers and employees work easily together and navigate through emerging trends and challenges. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with multinational companies from the UAE.”

Papaya Global has a technology infrastructure in the cloud that sets the standards for payments, and people management for years to come with a goal to make it as easy to transition to payroll automation, robotic process automation and AI to save time and improve accuracy. It offers a truly SaaS solution with three main objectives: to serve the needs of companies at all stages of growth, to support all types of workers (EoR, payroll and contractors) and to enable global payroll and payments for over 160 countries.

The company’s AI-powered automated compliance and accuracy engine will help companies better leverage real-time payroll data for strategic decision-making and as a critical analytic business tool to monitor how much they are spending globally and make decisions accordingly.

Papaya Global’s platform also has a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) dashboard in the business intelligence (BI). The acquired data can help investors, top talent, and potential partners monitor if companies are hiring fairly, paying equitably, and displaying social responsibility. Payroll has a wealth of data that can measure a company’s social health, such as gender equality, age, and distribution of salaries. With Papaya, companies track their progress and display their success, especially when preparing for an initial public offering (IPO). 



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